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Offers a full range of native trees and shrubs, hedging, ornamental and forestry plants, for our customers whose needs may vary from forestry to urban site to younger plants for container growing.
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    We intend to fill your requirements for quality plants and provide the best service possible. Bareroot seedlings and transplants normally available from November to April
    Our Nursery can supply over 100 varieties of seedlings and bareroot hedging plants, native and container grown trees. Ornamental shrubs, conifers for Christmas tree growers and we are specialists in supplying taxus baccata (yew), buxus sempervirens (box) and Japanese Maples.
All of the plants and trees on our
stocklist are
top-drawer quality plants with an excellent root system. We also offer a wide variety of native, and ornamental trees such as the prunus and malus varieties, and conifers

Broadleaf standards, half-standards, feathered and whips all available. In addition, Firecrest stocks a comprehensive range of container grown shrubs, suitable for the specialist gardener, down to the enthusiastic amateur. The nation's favourite fruit trees and soft fruit are available upon request. Bonsai enthusiasts will find popular cultivars that are adaptable for bonsai training at a reasonable price.

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